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On laid paper unless indicated otherwise; measurements in mm.


Le Couchee de la Mariee
After P A Baudouin
By J M  Moreau
330 x 465


Moulin pres de Chatou

After F Boucher
Published by Basan
455 x 340


A View of the High Torr, Matlock

After I Brewer
By T Cartwright

A Pair of aquatints on Whatman paper
Published 1808
610 X 500

A View taken from the Water opposite the New Bath, Matlock

Le Neglige ou Toilette du Matin
After Chardin
By Le Bas
255 x 335

(La Serinette)
After Chardin
By L Cars
375 x 500

Le Benedicite
After Chardin
By Renee Elizabeth Marlie Lepicie
275 x 380

La mere laborieuse
After Chardin
By Lepicie
270 x 380


L'enfant gâté

Although the engraver, Charpentier who was also the publisher, gives J B S Chardin
as the painter the original painter was probably Champagne.

From "Chardin" by Marianne Roland Michel :  " That the engravings after subjects by Chardin
constituted a well liked genre is confirmed by the proliferation of paintings which they inspired
and also by copies or counterfeits of these subjects. Emile Bocher has discovered about ten prints
by Weiss, Charpentier, Pierre Dupin and Jaques Couché that bear the name of Chardin, as inventor
or as painter, the vulgarity and awkwardness of which show that they are mediocre works 'in the
manner' of Chardin."  (In a note L'enfant Gâté is specifically mentioned)

Colnaghi catalogue: French Prints of the XVIII Century, No.188

255 x 365


A Taylor riding to Brentford
After John Collett
By T Stayner
Published 1768
360 x 255


The Vicar going to Dinner with the Esquire

Venus se venge de Psiche
After J F De Troy
By J J Avril
515 x 400

(La Lettre)
After De Troy
By Jaques Chereau
225 x 320

Reprimande Maternelle
After De Peters
By Chevillet
525 x 420

Card Players
After E Van Hemskirke (Egbert van Heemskerck)
By I (John) Smith; mezzotint
1st State before the date (1704) added
145 x 185

(Proof before title)
After T Jones
By J Peak
550 x 430

kraus de buigne

Le Chaudronnier
After G M Kraus
By Louis Alexandre de Buigne
300 x 415

After Geo. Lambert
By F Vivares
Published 1749
510 x 420


mondon aveline
L' Heure du Midi
After Mondon (le fils)
By A Aveline
435 x 375

From the set of four "Heures du Jour"

La Partie de Musique
After N Lavreince (Lafrensen)
By V M Langlois
440 x 360

The lower Part of the Valley and Glaciers of Chamouny in Savoy
After Wm Pars
By Wm Woollett
Published 1773
520 x 380


The great frozen Valley near Chamouny in Savoy
After Wm Pars
By Wm Woollett
Published 1774
520 x 380


View from the Portico of the House to the Park
Drawn and engraved by Rigaud & Baron
Published by S Bridgeman May 12 1739
510 x 360

Ragotin retire du Coffre ou la Servante l'avoit enferme
(Scene from Le Roman Comique by Scarron)
After J B Pater
By L Surugue
Published 1732
380 x 300

The set comprises sixteen plates published 1723 - 1739

pater surugue
Madame de Bouvillon ouvre la porte a Ragotin qui luy fait une bosse au frond.
(Scene from Le Roman Comique by Scarron)
After J B Pater
By Petrus Surugue filius 1735
380 x 300

Le Voyage de la Reine  au Pont de Cé
After Rubens
Drawn by I M Nattier
Engraved by  Carol (Charles) Simonneau 1709
360 x 505

james seymour

Going to cover (plate1)
after J Seymour by Smith
Printed for Robt. Sayer
350 x 250

james seymour
The Chase (plate 3)
after J Seymour by Smith
Printed for Robt. Sayer
350 x 250

teniers le bas
La Ferme
after D Teniers by J P Le Bas
Published 1734
460 x 375

Scheneau - Suntach
Girl with a music box
After Scheneau
By A Suntach
295 x 375

A Prospect of Matlock-Bath etc from the Lovers Walk
After T Smith
By Vivares
Published 1743
550 x 390


(Card Players)
After Valentin
400 x 330


Moon Light
After Van Bosman
By  John Boydell
Published 1753
420 x 300

st genevieve
St Genevieve Patrone de Paria
After C Vanlo Eques (Van Loo)
By J J Avril
360mm x 510mm

Conversation Espagnole
After Carle Van Loo
By C Corbutt (Purcell)
270 x 400

La Belle Matinee
After J Vernet
By Pierre Benazech
310 x 440

La Peche du Jour
after J Vernet by Y le Gouaz
460mm x 360mm


After Paul Veronese
By Simon Vallee
335 x 365

La Proposition Embarassante
After Antoine Watteau
By M Keyl
465 x 375



A Rural Feast

Mezzotint after George Morland by John Dean
London Published August 7th 1799 by Colnaghi Sala & Co.
(late Torre)  24 Cockspur Street.

Platemark 605mm x 510mm
Laid paper.

Some minor paper loss and a small tear in the margins. On the back there are signs of two horizontal creases but they are not noticeable from the front. Three printer's creases.


Mezzotint after J Seymour by T Burford

360mm x 260mm


Mezzotint after J Seymour by T Burford

360mm x 260mm


View of Emmersdorf & Shonbuhel

After L Janscha By J Ziegler

Etching 430mm x 320mm

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